Lesson Worksheet: The Immune Response Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the role of lymphocytes in the body’s immune response.


Which of the following is not a way that white blood cells destroy pathogens or protect the body against disease?

  • AEngulfing
  • BPhagocytosis
  • CProducing antibodies
  • DProducing antitoxins
  • EProducing antibiotics


What can be produced by lymphocytes to counteract the toxins produced by pathogens?

  • AUntoxins
  • BCounter toxins
  • CDetoxins
  • DAntitoxins
  • EBody toxins


After a pathogen is destroyed by lymphocytes, some lymphocytes with the antibodies that target that particular pathogen remain in the blood. What are these lymphocytes called?

  • ARecalling lymphocytes
  • BRemaining lymphocytes
  • CRemembering lymphocytes
  • DMemory lymphocytes
  • EMemorizing lymphocytes


What kind of body cell is a lymphocyte a form of?

  • ASkin cell
  • BWhite blood cell
  • CMuscle cell
  • DRed blood cell
  • ENerve cell


What scientific name is given to a molecule on the surface of a cell that can initiate an immune response?

  • AAntigen
  • BToxins
  • CPathogen
  • DLymphocyte
  • EAntibody


The diagram shows a lymphocyte releasing antibodies in response to a pathogen.

Which of the following is correct about the structure of antigens and antibodies?

  • AAntigens have a complementary shape to the antibody they attack.
  • BAntibodies have a complementary shape to a specific antigen they attack.
  • CAntigens and antibodies have the same shape.
  • DAntibodies have a complementary shape to all antigens.
  • EAntigens have a complementary shape to a wide range of antibodies.


The diagram shows the basic structure of a lymphocyte.

What structure is represented by label 1?

  • ANucleus
  • BCell membrane
  • CAntigen
  • DAntibody

What part of the cell is represented by label 2?

  • ACell membrane
  • BAntibody
  • CNucleus
  • DCell wall

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