Lesson Worksheet: Decimals on Number Lines: Hundredths Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice locating hundredths on a number line and recording them with fractions and decimals.


What decimals are marked on the number line?

  • A21.73, 21.76, 21.81, 21.84
  • B21.72, 21.73, 21.81, 21.84
  • C21.73, 21.76, 21.82, 21.85
  • D21.72, 21.73, 21.82, 21.85


Look at the highlighted number on the number line.

Write this number as a mixed number.

  • A78100
  • B387100
  • C378100
  • D382100
  • E87100

Write this number as a decimal.

Tip: Use a place value table to help you.


Which point marked on the following number line represents 0.35?

  • A𝐢
  • B𝐡
  • C𝐴


A number line has points 32.63, 32.83, and 32.43 plotted on it. Where would you place point 32.71?

  • ABetween 32.63 and 32.83
  • BTo the right of 32.83
  • CTo the left of 32.43


Pick the number line where the blue point represents 2.15.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


If point 𝐴 is plotted halfway between the points 1.6 and 1.7 on the number line, which number is point 𝐴?


What decimal is marked on the number line?


Which point is the number 0.15?

  • Aa
  • Be
  • Cb
  • Dc
  • Ed


This number line has lots of numbers missing.

Which letter shows the position of 4.83?

  • A𝐸
  • B𝐷
  • C𝐴
  • D𝐢
  • E𝐡


The number line below has five numbers labeled. Jacob needs to write the rest of the numbers on the number line.

Where should Jacob write 4.44?

  • A𝐷
  • B𝐸
  • C𝐡
  • D𝐴
  • E𝐢

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