Lesson Worksheet: Many Missing Multiples Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice relating multiples and equivalent fractions and using this relation to find a missing number in an equivalent fraction.


In the 2003 NBA season, Kirk Hinrich of the Chicago Bulls started 66 of the 76 games he played. Use division to express the number of games that he started as a fraction with a numerator of 33.

  • A76
  • B3833
  • C67
  • D1112
  • E3338


Fill in the blanks.

  • A9, 10
  • B72, 81
  • C90, 99
  • D10, 11


Complete the following: 1032=5.


Yara and her sister Mona made 2 pizzas of the same size for lunch. Yara ate 23 of her pizza, while Mona ate 46 of her pizza. Did Yara and Mona eat equal amounts of their pizzas?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Use the model to help you select the equivalent fraction.

  • A56
  • B29
  • C69
  • D63
  • E92




Fill in the blanks: 810=16=30.

  • A21, 25
  • B29, 15
  • C20, 24
  • D18, 28


Complete the following:

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