Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Percentage Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice estimating a percentage of a whole and estimating percentages in real-life situations.


According to a survey, about 50% of people prefer dark chocolate over white chocolate. Which of the numbers below is the nearest to the number of people who prefer dark chocolate out of 199 people?

  • A50
  • B190
  • C149
  • D140
  • E100


While in Greece, Daniel spent 9 hours and 45 minutes visiting monuments. He spent 20% of the time visiting old temples. Which of the following represents about how much time he spent visiting old temples?

  • A1 h
  • B7 h
  • C11 h
  • D2 h


Estimate the following: 21% of 52.


Charlotte earned $299 last month translating 2 documents. Given that 20% of the money she earned was from translating the second document, which of the following is the closest to the amount of money Charlotte earned from translating the second document?

  • A$290
  • B$30
  • C$279
  • D$60
  • E$270


Chloe invested $6,600 in an account with a yearly interest rate of 5%. In how many years will she have $8,910?


Estimate the following: 21% of 50.

  • A10
  • B40
  • C15
  • D30
  • E29


Determine the profit Jacob made in a year from depositing $490,000 in a savings account with an annual interest rate of 4.25%.


Select the best estimate of the following calculation: 79% of 499.

  • A7
  • B6
  • C4
  • D49
  • E9


Last year, 301 students attended a summer camp and 0.7% of them returned this year. Which of the following is closest to the number of students who attended the camp in both years?

  • A9
  • B6
  • C23
  • D3
  • E21


A bookmaker predicts that the Giants are expected to win 36.24% games in an NFL season. They are scheduled to play 30 games. Based on the bookmaker’s prediction, estimate how many games the Giants are expected to win.

  • A11 games
  • B25 games
  • C7 games
  • D17 games
  • E8 games


Liam took a cab to work yesterday. If he left a tip of 25% on the $19.64 fare, determine about how much the tip was.

  • A$7.00
  • B$5.00
  • C$45.00
  • D$15.00


By dividing by 4 and multiplying by 3, calculate 75% of 600 mentally.


Jackson is buying a home theater system for $6,175.79. If the sound bar constitutes 28.3% of the total price, determine which of the following is the best estimate of the cost of the sound bar.

  • A$1,200
  • B$1,240
  • C$4,340
  • D$4,800
  • E$1,860


Which of the below represents 420% of 58?

  • A𝑛=420×58
  • B58420=𝑛100
  • C𝑛=4.2×58
  • D𝑛=4.2×0.58


If Benjamin invests $4,500 in an account that yields a simple interest of a 4%, determine how much money the account will have after 4 years.


Estimate 49.25% of 38.

  • A24
  • B15
  • C28
  • D14
  • E19


Determine the interest earned on an account, given that an amount of $2,200 is deposited for 8 years and that the interest rate is 6.42% per year.


Estimate 0.75% of 401.

  • A37
  • B12
  • C7
  • D3
  • E30


If a person spends about 28% of their time sleeping, determine which of the following represents an estimate of how much time that person will spend sleeping in 57 years.

  • A12 years
  • B6 years
  • C37 years
  • D18 years
  • E30 years


The following table represents a bank’s different loan packages. Determine, to the nearest cent, the simple interest earned on $3,300 for 6 months.

Time6 months9 months12 months18 months


Ethan wants to buy a pair of pants for $22. The clothing store, in which the pair of pants are shown, has a sale of 50%. Ethan estimates that he will save 12 of $20 or an amount of $10. Will the amount he saves for the pants be more or less than $10?

  • ALess
  • BMore


Mr. Liam put his life savings of $490,000 in a savings account. If he earns $47,040 in simple interest every year, determine the interest rate on his account.

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