Lesson Worksheet: What Is Chemistry? Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the field of chemistry, its position within the physical sciences, and its relation to other sciences.


Chemistry can be classified as a physical science because it involves the study of matter and its motion. Which of the following is not a physical science?

  • APhysics
  • BAstronomy
  • CEarth science
  • DMaterials science
  • EBiology


A chemist may be interested in the synthesis and production of new drug molecules. Apart from chemistry, which other discipline would typically be involved in this study?

  • AMetallurgy
  • BPhysics
  • CEarth science
  • DAgriculture
  • EPharmacology


Chemistry is involved in many aspects of our everyday lives. Which of the following processes related to making a cup of coffee does not involve chemistry in some way?

  • AThe diffusion of milk through the mixture of coffee and water
  • BThe flow of electric current to the heating element and conversion into heat energy
  • CHow much coffee dissolves in the water
  • DThe processing of coffee beans from the plant to produce the ground coffee
  • EThe production and properties of the ceramic cup


Which of the following statements best describes the study of chemistry?

  • AChemistry is the study of matter and what its properties are, what it consists of, and how it changes.
  • BChemistry is the study of the mind and how it influences our behavior.
  • CChemistry is the study of matter and energy and their behavior over space and time.
  • DChemistry is the study of logic and numbers, including shapes, quantities, statistics, and arrangement.
  • EChemistry is the study of the processes that give rise to and sustain life.


A company specializes in analyzing soil samples and developing new fertilizers to increase the productivity of crops. Apart from chemistry, which other discipline would this research involve?

  • AAgronomy
  • BPharmacology
  • CComputer science
  • DPhysics
  • EPsychology


Chemistry can be partitioned into different branches. Which of the following is not a recognized branch of chemistry?

  • AInorganic chemistry
  • BPhysical chemistry
  • COrganic chemistry
  • DAnalytical chemistry
  • EParticle chemistry


A theoretical chemistry research group is studying the atomic structure of the elements and the stability of synthetic elements. Which other science discipline does this research overlap with?

  • APhysics
  • BMetallurgy
  • CEarth science
  • DBiology
  • EMedicine


Which branch of chemistry is primarily interested in the study of chemical processes within, and related to, living organisms?

  • AEnvironmental chemistry
  • BAnalytical chemistry
  • CElectrochemistry
  • DBiochemistry
  • EQuantum chemistry


The given graph represents the effect of temperature on the rate of one of the human digestive enzymes. Which branch of science, along with chemistry, can be most closely related to the study of digestive enzymes and enzyme reaction rates at different temperatures?

  • AAgriculture
  • BMetallurgy
  • CPharmacy
  • DBiology
  • EPhysics


Ancient civilizations used different types of chemical reactions to produce many valuable and useful materials that helped ancient societies to function normally. Which of the following is an example of a product that was not formed through ancient chemical reactions?

  • AGlass
  • BMedication
  • CStone sculptures
  • DColored dye
  • EBronze metal

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