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Lesson Worksheet: Rounding Numbers up to 1 000 000 000 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding whole numbers with up to 9 digits to any place value.


Consider the number 945,199,549.

Which two multiples of ten is this number between?

  • A945,199,560 and 945,199,570
  • B945,199,520 and 945,199,530
  • C945,199,540 and 945,199,550
  • D945,199,530 and 945,199,540
  • E945,199,550 and 945,199,560


Which two multiples of 100 is the number 849,599,178 between? Use the number line to help you.

  • A849,599,100 and 849,599,200
  • B849,598,900 and 849,599,000
  • C849,599,000 and 849,599,100
  • D849,599,300 and 849,599,400
  • E849,599,200 and 849,599,300


Use these rules to round 295,158,475 to the nearest 1,000,000.


Use the number line to round 825,378,990 to the nearest 10,000.


Elizabeth is rounding 30,178,300 to the nearest 1,000. She circles the digit to the right of the thousands digit and then decides whether to round up or down.

Which of the following is 30,178,300 rounded to the nearest 1,000?

  • A30,200,000
  • B30,180,000
  • C30,178,000
  • D30,000,000
  • E30,179,000


Round 159,365,995 to the nearest hundred million. Use the value of the ten millions digit to help you decide whether to round up or down.


Round 193,660,399 to the nearest million. Use the number line below to help you.


Isabella thinks of a nine-digit number. Then, she rounds this number to the nearest million and ten million.

NumberRounded to the Nearest MillionRounded to the Nearest Ten Million

Which of the following could be Isabella’s number?

  • A641,459,150
  • B644,459,150
  • C642,459,150
  • D643,459,150
  • E646,459,150


Which number can be rounded to 900,000,000 when rounded to the nearest hundred million?

  • A940,000,000
  • B960,000,000
  • C950,000,000
  • D970,000,000
  • E980,000,000


Complete the table below by rounding 753,427,365 to the nearest hundred million, ten million, ten thousand, and thousand.

NumberRounded to the Nearest Hundred MillionRounded to the Nearest Ten MillionRounded to the Nearest Ten ThousandRounded to the Nearest Thousand
  • A7,000,000,000;750,000,000;753,430,000;753,427,000and
  • B800,000,000;750,000,000;753,430,000;753,427,000and
  • C800,000,000;760,000,000;753,430,000;753,427,000and
  • D600,000,000;650,000,000;653,430,000;653,427,000and
  • E800,000,000;750,000,000;753,420,000;753,427,000and

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