Lesson Worksheet: Fluorescent Lamps Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the uses and structure of the fluorescent lamp and comparing the fluorescent lamp to the light bulb.


Mason draws a picture of a fluorescent lamp.

What label should Mason write at 1?

  • APoints of connection
  • BGlass tube
  • CTungsten filaments


Natalie and Noah are talking about the usual working times of different types of electric lamps.

Who is talking about a compact fluorescent lamp?

  • ANatalie
  • BNoah


Fluorescent lamps and electric bulbs are types of electric lamps. What is found in a fluorescent lamp but not in an electric bulb?

  • AArgon gas
  • BTungsten filaments
  • CA glass bulb
  • DPhosphoric material


Select the photo that shows a compact fluorescent lamp.

  • A
    fluorescent light bulb (CFL) Edited
  • B
    Fluorescent tube lamp isolated Edited
  • C
    Light bulb, isolated, Realistic photo edited


What metal is found in the fluorescent lamp glass tube?

  • AMercury
  • BLead
  • CCopper
  • DIron


Fill in the blanks: A compact fluorescent lamp consumes electric current than light bulbs and has a much working time.

  • Amore, lower
  • Bless, higher
  • Cless, lower
  • Dmore, higher


Look at this table.

Row 1It has 1 filament made of tungsten.It is filled with argon gas.Its connection points are at the base.
Row 2It has 2 filaments of tungsten.It is filled with argon gas and a small amount of mercury.It has 2 connection points, one at each tip.Its inner surface is covered with a phosphoric material.

Which row shows the features of a fluorescent lamp?

  • A2
  • B1


Fill in the blanks: Tungsten is used as a filament in electric lamps because it has a . This prevents it from due to the heat of the lamp.

  • Ahigh melting point, melting
  • Blow melting point, melting
  • Chigh boiling point, boiling
  • Dlow boiling point, boiling


Look at this fluorescent lamp.

What is the function of the glass tube?

  • AIt stops the filament melting.
  • BIt connects the fluorescent lamp to the electricity source.
  • CIt holds the argon gas and mercury vapor.


Liam and Jennifer are comparing light bulbs and fluorescent lamps.

Who is correct?

  • AOnly Liam is correct.
  • BOnly Jennifer is correct.
  • CNeither Liam nor Jennifer is correct.
  • DLiam and Jennifer are both correct.

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