Worksheet: Converting Metric Units of Length, Mass, and Capacity

In this worksheet, we will practice using multiplication and division by 10, 100, and 1000 to convert between metric units of length, mass, and capacity with the prefixes kilo, centi, and milli.


Write 512 m in centimetres.


Write the answer to the calculation in grams: 134+400.kgg


The thickness of a notebook is 5 millimeters. What fraction of 1 centimeter is 5 millimeters?

  • A20
  • B12
  • C120
  • D50
  • E2


Ethan is going to the supermarket that is 1 kilometer away from his house. Given that he already covered 700 meters, what fraction of the distance does he have left to walk?

  • A107
  • B710
  • C310
  • D103
  • E1017


How many meters are there in 0.14 km?


Arrange the lengths in ascending order: 239,6,500,312.cmmmm

  • A312 m, 6,500 mm, 239 cm
  • B6,500 mm, 239 cm, 312 m
  • C6,500 mm, 312 m, 239 cm
  • D239 cm, 312 m, 6,500 mm


Convert 14 of a meter to centimeters.


Fill in the blanks: 1.9=mmm.

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