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Worksheet: Phase Changes at Varying Temperatures


Consider the phase transformation process C ( g r a p h i t e ) C ( d i a m o n d ) β†’ . The value of Ξ” 𝐺 for this process at 1 bar pressure and a temperature of 298 K has a value of 2.900 kJ/mol, and the value of Ξ” 𝑆 for the process under these same pressure and temperature conditions has a value of βˆ’ 3 . 3 6 J/Kβ‹…mol. If the temperature increased from 298 K to 1 0 0 0 K, but the pressure remained constant at 1 bar, would the thermodynamic stability of graphite relative to diamond increase, decrease or stay the same?

  • AStay the same
  • BDecrease
  • CThere is not enough information provided to answer this question.
  • DIncrease