Worksheet: Esters

In this worksheet, we will practice writing and interpreting the names and formulas of esters and describing their uses and properties.


Which elements compose the central linkage in an ester molecule?

  • ACarbon only
  • BOxygen and hydrogen
  • CCarbon and hydrogen
  • DCarbon, oxygen, and hydrogen
  • ECarbon and oxygen


Ethyl methanoate is formed from the reaction between which two compounds?

  • AMethanol and propanoic acid
  • BMethanol and ethanoic acid
  • CMethanol and methanoic acid
  • DEthanol and ethanoic acid
  • EEthanol and methanoic acid


What is the name of the chemical formed from the reaction between methanoic acid and ethanol?

  • AEthyl propanoate
  • BMethyl methanoate
  • CMethyl ethanoate
  • DEthyl ethanoate
  • EEthyl methanoate


Complete: Ethyl methanoate and methyl ethanoate are similar as they both have the same .

  • Achemical formula
  • Bdisplayed formula
  • Cskeletal formula
  • Dstructural formula
  • Emolecular formula


What is the main product of the reaction when methanoic acid is reacted with ethanol?

  • AKetone
  • BAlcohol
  • CCarboxylic acid
  • DAldehyde
  • EEster


Complete the word equation. Carboxylicacidalcohol++

  • Apolyester, hydrogen
  • Bpolyester, water
  • Cester, hydrogen
  • Dester, water
  • Eester, hydrochloric acid


Complete: When ethanol reacts with ethanoic acid, two compounds are produced. One is ethyl ethanoate and the other is .

  • Acarbon monoxide
  • Bcarbon dioxide
  • Cwater
  • Dhydrogen
  • Eacid


Which of the following substances is used as a catalyst in esterification reactions?

  • APalladium
  • BIron
  • CAlkali
  • DWater
  • EAcid


Which of the following is not a property that makes ethyl methanoate suitable for use in the manufacture of some perfumes?

  • AVolatility
  • BLow boiling point
  • CSweet, pleasant smell
  • DNontoxicity
  • EFlammability


What is the type of reaction used to break down methyl pentanoate into methanol and pentanoic acid?

  • AReduction
  • BHydrolysis
  • CNeutralization
  • DDecomposition
  • EEsterification


Which two chemicals would be used to make ethyl methanoate?

  • A(4) and (1)
  • B(5) and (1)
  • C(6) and (1)
  • D(4) and (3)
  • E(5) and (2)


Which two chemicals would be used to make ethyl ethanoate?

  • A(5) and (2)
  • B(3) and (5)
  • C(3) and (4)
  • D(1) and (6)
  • E(5) and (1)

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