Worksheet: VSEPR Theory

In this worksheet, we will practice predicting molecular geometries from the numbers of lone and bonding electron pairs and explaining variations in bond angle.


Why is the bond angle of water ( 1 0 4 . 5 ) less than the bond angle for methane ( 1 0 9 . 5 )?

  • AThe O atom in water is sp2 hybridised.
  • BThe O atom in water is surrounded by more electron pairs than the C atom in methane.
  • CThe bonding electron pairs in water repel each other more strongly than those in methane.
  • DThe repulsion between a lone pair and a bonding pair is greater than the repulsion between two bonding pairs. Oxygen in water has two lone pairs and two bonding pairs, while the carbon in methane has four bonding pairs.
  • EMethane contains more bonds, so the bonds are forced further apart.


Which of the following species has the smallest bond angle?

  • A N O 3
  • B N O 2
  • C N 3
  • D N O 2
  • E N O 2


Which of the following species has the smallest bond angle?

  • A B H 3
  • B B e H 2
  • C C H 4
  • D O H 2
  • E N H 3


In which of the following species is the angle between the S O bonds the smallest?

  • A S O 3
  • B S O 2
  • C S O 4 2
  • D S O 3 2
  • E S O 2 3 2


The A X E 3 structure notation best describes which molecule?

  • A S F 4
  • B H O 2
  • C X e F 4
  • D N H 3

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