Lesson Worksheet: Moving on a Grid Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice describing translations of shapes in words by telling how many units up, down, left, or right the object moved.


For the given grid, what point is 1 unit up and 5 units left from point D?

  • APoint F
  • BPoint B
  • CPoint A
  • DPoint C
  • EPoint E


True or False:

The steps to move from point 𝐶 to point 𝐷 are 5 units left and 6 units down.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


The given points on the map represent different buildings in Hannah’s block. If Hannah is in the building at point C and wants to go to the building at point A, describe the path that she will take.

  • A2 blocks west and 2 blocks south
  • B2 blocks east and 2 blocks south
  • C1 block west and 3 blocks south
  • D2 blocks west and 2 blocks north
  • E1 block east and 1 block north


Look at the grid.

Describe how to move from point 𝐴 to point 𝐶.

  • A4 units left and 1 unit down
  • B5 units right and 2 units down
  • C2 units left and 5 units down
  • D4 units right and 1 unit down
  • E1 unit right and 4 units down


This is a map.

What is found 1 block west and 2 blocks south of the zoo?

  • AThe cinema
  • BThe school
  • CThe gym
  • DThe mall
  • EThe club

Describe how to go to the gym from the cinema.

  • A1 block west and 4 blocks south
  • B4 blocks east and 1 block north
  • C1 block east and 4 blocks north
  • D1 block east and 3 blocks south
  • E1 block west and 3 blocks south


For the given grid, if point 𝐴 translated 4 units to the left then 3 units up, which of the following describes the new position of point 𝐴?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


True or False: Moving up, down, left, and right is called a translation.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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