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Lesson Worksheet: Floods and Droughts Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the causes and effects of floods and droughts and where they are most likely to occur.


What can be seen in this picture?

Flooding houses with rising water
  • ARiver
  • BFlood
  • CPrecipitation
  • DDrought


Which habitat is most likely to be affected badly by flooding because it is in a dry-climate zone?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Fill in the blanks: Droughts are the effect of very precipitation over a period of time.

  • Ahigh, short
  • Blittle, small
  • Clow, long
  • Daverage, medium


Droughts impact the environment.

Plantations and dry river bed

How do they impact it?

  • AThe sea level rises.
  • BRivers dry up.
  • CRivers overflow.
  • DWeeds become overgrown.


Students in a class are comparing the effects of floods and droughts.

Who is incorrect?

  • ABenjamin
  • BOlivia
  • CJackson
  • DIsabella


During a drought, crops quickly die without water.

Drought in corn farms.

Why is this a problem for animals and humans?

  • AThere will be less food to eat.
  • BIt will cause disease.
  • CFood will become contaminated.
  • DTheir homes will become flooded.


Due to its climate zone, a grassland habitat is more likely to be affected by drought than a desert, which is used to droughts.

Albinia National Park.

What climate zone is a grassland habitat in?

  • ATropical wet zone
  • BPolar zone
  • CTropical dry zone
  • DMountain zone


How does flooding affect the environment?

Aerial view flooded forest plains with country road and ferry.
  • ASea level falls
  • BRivers overflow
  • CRivers dry up
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Flooding can contaminate drinking water for animals and humans.

Water tap faucet with flowing contaminated muddy and dirty water in a white bathroom sink.

What can contaminated drinking water cause?

  • ADisease
  • BHunger
  • CGood health
  • DThirst


Amira’s homework was to write about a famous drought and flood. Amira highlighted some of the key facts in different colors.

Which color highlights the effects of floods and droughts?

  • AGreen
  • BOrange
  • CBlue

Which color highlights the causes of floods and droughts?

  • ABlue
  • BOrange
  • CGreen

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