Lesson Worksheet: Coordinate Plane Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using ordered pairs to represent points on the coordinate plane.


On which of the following graphs is the point 𝑊(1,9) drawn?

  • A(c)
  • B(d)
  • C(b)
  • D(a)


Which coordinate has NOT been plotted on the coordinate grid?

  • A(0,0)
  • B(4,0)
  • C(0,4)
  • D(4,4)
  • E(2,4)


Determine the ordered pair which represents the position of point 𝑅 in the given coordinate plane.

  • A(9,3)
  • B(3,9)
  • C(1,0)
  • D(3,0)
  • E(0,1)


What is the 𝑦-coordinate of point 𝐵?


Find the coordinates of point 𝐶. Give your answer as an ordered pair.

  • A(7,5)
  • B(5,2)
  • C(5,7)
  • D7
  • E5


What is the 𝑥-coordinate of point 𝐴?


Find the coordinates of 𝐴 and 𝐵.

  • A𝐴(5,8), 𝐵(6,6)
  • B𝐴(6,5), 𝐵(6,8)
  • C𝐴(5,6), 𝐵(8,6)
  • D𝐴(6,8), 𝐵(6,5)


Which coordinate has NOT been plotted on the coordinate grid?

  • A(1,6)
  • B(3,5)
  • C(7,3)
  • D(5,7)
  • E(4,6)


What are the coordinates of the missing point which would complete the square?

  • A(2,3)
  • B(7,7)
  • C(3,6)
  • D(6,3)
  • E(2,7)


What is the 𝑦-coordinate of the blue point?

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