Lesson Worksheet: Unit 2: Her story (Vocabulary G12 NE) English

Unit 2: Her story (Vocabulary G12 NE)


The physicist was so happy after he’d won the .

  • Aobstacles
  • Baward
  • Crank
  • Dround


He’d made many important to science before he retired.

  • Astereotypes
  • Bobstacles
  • Ccontributions
  • Ddeterminations


Before my fears, I hadn’t liked going to parties or big events.

  • Aqualifying
  • Bovercoming
  • Cdetermining
  • Dcrossing


He couldn’t be a at a university until he had done many years of teaching.

  • Aphysicist
  • Bpharmacist
  • Ckarate
  • Dlecturer


She was because the children hadn’t been helping around the house.

  • Across
  • Bqualified
  • Cstereotype
  • Dprejudiced


Until recently, she’d been studying at a school in Paris.

  • Akarate
  • Bpharmacist
  • Cphysicist
  • Dlecturer

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