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Worksheet: Roles of Reagents in Chemical Equations


For the reaction below, the hydrogen phosphate ion ( H P O ) 4 2 behaves as .

+ + H 2 PO 4 H PO 4 2− N H 3 + N H 2
  • Aa chelator
  • Ban acid
  • Ca catalyst
  • Da base


In a chemical reaction, what is a species that supplies a pair of electrons to form a dative covalent bond called?

  • AHydrogen donor
  • BLewis acid
  • CLewis donor
  • DLewis base


Which term best describes the role of proton donors in acid-base reactions?

  • ALowry bases
  • BBrønsted acids
  • CBrønsted-Lowry bases
  • DBrønsted-Lowry acids