Worksheet: Roles of Reagents in Chemical Equations

In this worksheet, we will practice using oxidation states in chemical equations to identify acids, bases, oxidants, reductants, and spectator species.


Complete the following sentence: For the reaction below, the hydrogen phosphate ion (HPO)42 behaves as .

+ + H 2 PO 4 H PO 4 2− N H 3 + N H 2
  • Aan acid
  • Ba base
  • Ca chelator
  • Da catalyst


Which term best describes the role of proton donors in acid–base reactions?

  • ABrønsted–Lowry acids
  • BLewis acid
  • CBrønsted–Lewis bases
  • DLewis base


In a chemical reaction, what is a species that supplies a pair of electrons to form a dative covalent bond called?

  • ALewis donor
  • BHydrogen donor
  • CLewis acid
  • DLewis base
  • EHydrogen acceptor

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