Worksheet: Adding and Subtracting Numbers up to 100

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems by deciding whether to add or subtract and then completing equations by adding and subtracting within 100.


14 years ago, Michael was 27 years old and Emma was 42 years old. Find the equation that shows how old Emma is today.

  • A27+42+14=83
  • B42+14=56
  • C27+14=41
  • D42+14=55
  • E27+42=69


Olivia and Victoria are making a robot out of blue and yellow blocks. Olivia has counted out 19 blue blocks. Victoria says they have 39 blocks in total. How many yellow blocks do they have?


There were 98 birds in a tree. 36 flew away. How many are left?


Benjamin is reading a book with 91 pages. He has read 21 pages. How many pages are left?


In a relay race, Daniel ran 24 meters and then Noah ran 57 meters. What is the total distance that they ran altogether?


The table shows all the toys Natalie has.

Type of toyCarDollBall

Count the number of cars and dolls she has.

Now, count on to find the total number of toys she has.


3 students have been practicing drawing models to solve problems.

Daniel says, “the same number makes all of our sums correct”.

Is this true or false?

  • Atrue
  • Bfalse

What number makes the sums correct?


There were 31 tomatoes and 43 strawberries growing in Emma’s garden. She picked 8 tomatoes and 11 strawberries when they ripened. Find the equation that shows how many strawberries are still growing in her garden.

  • A3111=20
  • B318=23
  • C4311=32
  • D4311=31
  • E438=35


Calculate the following: 83(3+13).


Matthew had $63. He sold his watch for $24. Which of the following equations shows how much Matthew has?

  • A6324=87
  • B63+24=87
  • C63+24=39
  • D6324=39


Matthew has $96. He spends $63 at the grocery store. How much is left with him?

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