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Worksheet: Using Hooke's Law to Solve Dynamics Problems


Determine the elastic potential energy stored in an elastic spring of natural length 5 m and a modulus of elasticity 13.4 N, which was compressed to a length of 4 m.


A ball of mass 0.6 kg hangs in equilibrium from a light spring of natural length 2.5 m and modulus of elasticity 9 N. The ball is then pulled vertically downwards and released from rest at a point 0.8 m below its equilibrium position. Taking 𝑔 = 9 . 8 / m s 2 , find the acceleration the ball experiences immediately after being released.


A particle of mass 3 kg is attached to end 𝑃 of a light elastic spring 𝑃 𝑄 of natural length 0.5 m and modulus of elasticity 41 N. The spring rests on a smooth horizontal plane with end 𝑄 fixed. The particle is held at rest and then released. Find the initial acceleration of the particle if 𝑃 𝑄 = 1 . 1 m initially. Take 𝑔 = 9 . 8 / m s 2 .