Worksheet: Using Number Facts to Add

In this worksheet, we will practice using addition facts with sums to 20 to solve related problems with sums to 100.


William is investigating patterns in subtraction sentences with the same difference.

He uses a model to write these expressions which are all equal to 8.

What number is missing?

The first numbers in the expressions (25, 27, 29) follow the pattern add 2.

What pattern do the second numbers follow?

  • Aadd 2
  • Bsubtract 2

Investigate other subtraction expressions that are equal to 8.

Find the missing number.


Describe the rule for this number pattern 7 , 2 2 , 3 7 , 5 2 , 6 7 , .

  • A adding 15
  • B adding 14
  • C adding 16


Here is a strategy to subtract.

Use this strategy to find the missing number.

Which of these is a related subtraction equation?

  • A
  • B
  • C

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