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Worksheet: Applications of Powers and Exponents


Select the pair of powers which have the same value.

  • A and
  • B and
  • C and
  • D and
  • E and


Without evaluating the powers, order , , and from least to greatest.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


If a library has books, how many books are there?

  • A94 books
  • B 262 144 books
  • C49 books
  • D 6 561 books
  • E36 books


There are nearly species of monkeys on Earth. What is the value of ?


The prefix giga in gigameter represents meters. Express this as a power of ten.

  • A meters
  • B meters
  • C meters
  • D meters
  • E meters


A 100-pound person on Earth would weigh about pounds on Jupiter. If is equal to , write in exponential form and evaluate the exponent.

  • A , 16
  • B , 16
  • C , 256
  • D , 256
  • E , 64


In the year 2000, the governor of Washington, Gary Locke, received about votes to win the election. Write this as a product and state the number of votes received.

  • A , 60 votes
  • B , votes
  • C , votes
  • D , votes
  • E , votes


The sun is about 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 miles away from the earth. Write the distance in exponential form and then evaluate it, giving your answer in millions of miles.

  • A , 10.74 million miles
  • B , 10 million miles
  • C , 10 million miles
  • D , 100 million miles
  • E , million miles


The area of San Bernardino County in California is about square miles. Write this as a product and then evaluate it to find the area.

  • A square miles
  • B square miles
  • C square miles
  • D square miles
  • E square miles


If Charlotte zooms out three times on an interactive map, the scale is times greater. Write this number in standard form.


The number of calories in one croissant can be expressed as . Determine the whole number that represents .


The length of one sidereal day on Venus is Earth days. Express this as a product and then evaluate it to find the number of Earth days in one sidereal Venus day.

  • A Earth days
  • B Earth days
  • C Earth days
  • D Earth days
  • E Earth days


Anthony scored points in a board game, and Noah scored points. Determine who won the game and by how many points.

  • AAnthony, 177 points
  • BNoah, 79 points
  • CNoah, 177 points
  • DAnthony, 79 points
  • EAnthony, 128 points


A football stadium has seats, and a cricket stadium has seats. Which stadium has more seats? How many more?

  • A the cricket stadium,
  • B the football stadium,
  • C the cricket stadium,
  • D the cricket stadium,
  • E the cricket stadium,


The amount of wax this candle mold can hold is measured in cubic units. Find how much wax it can hold by using the expression , where is the length of a side.

  • A56
  • B42
  • C 8 232
  • D 2 744
  • E84