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Lesson Worksheet: How Shadows Form Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining, describing and investigating how shadows are formed by the Sun.


Madison and Jackson are talking about whether it is safe to stare directly at the Sun.

Who is correct?

  • AJackson
  • BNeither of them
  • CBoth of them
  • DMadison


Look at the diagrams.

What can create shadows?

  • AThe stars
  • BThe Sun
  • CBoth the Sun and the stars


Look at the diagrams.

Which shadow is correct?

  • A1
  • B3
  • C2


Look at the diagram.

Which shadow is correct?


Choose the picture that has a shadow in it.

  • A
    Child open tap.
  • B
    Girl and her shadow
  • C
    Asian kid with spoons and forks
  • DNone of the answers are correct.

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