Worksheet: The Immune System

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the functions of different parts of the immune system and how they help fight diseases.


What is a pathogen?

  • AA doctor who specializes in common communicable diseases
  • BA bacterium, virus, or any other microorganism that causes disease
  • CAn illness that affects the respiratory system
  • DA type of medicine that helps treat the flu


What is the purpose of the immune system?

  • ATo help bacteria reproduce (grow)
  • BTo help regulate body temperature
  • CTo help the body fight infection and disease
  • DTo help the body digest food


Which of these organs helps to prevent germs from entering our body?

  • AThe kidneys
  • BThe lungs
  • CThe stomach
  • DThe skin


Viruses need to invade a living cell to reproduce (grow).

We can prevent some common viruses like the flu if we are given a shot called a .

  • Amedication
  • Binfection
  • Cvaccination
  • Dprescription


White blood cells can be produced in the lymph nodes. Where else in the body are white blood cells made?

  • ATonsils
  • BBone marrow
  • CAppendix
  • DSpleen


Bacteria cause illnesses and diseases and can be found on many surfaces.

Viruses and bacteria under microscope - 72 ppi

Select one way of preventing the spread of bacteria.

  • AWearing a coat when it is cold
  • BSharing cups and utensils
  • CWashing your hands frequently
  • DGetting plenty of sleep

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