Lesson Worksheet: Counting Money: Pounds and Pence Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice counting pounds and pence separately within 100 to find the value of a group of coins and notes.


How much money is on the table?

  • A£28 and 72p
  • B£25 and 45p
  • C£33 and 72p
  • D£28 and 42p


Daniel is trying to count the money he has.

Is Daniel correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Count the amount of money shown.

  • A£25 and 65p
  • B£20 and 85p
  • C£25 and 75p
  • D£20 and 75p


Which of the following represents £34 and 49p?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Pick the coins that make £4 and 27p.

  • A
  • B


What number is missing?

There is £1 and p.


Mason and Chloe want to know how much money they have.

Count the £2 and £1 coins. What number should Mason say?

Count the other coins. What number should Chloe say?


Amelia has the following amount of money:

How much money does she have?

  • A£22 and 23p
  • B£24 and 23p
  • C£24 and 13p
  • D£22 and 13p

If Amelia is given another

by her father, how much will she have?

  • A£34 and 13p
  • B£32 and 23p
  • C£34
  • D£10


Count the amount of money shown.

  • A£20 and 81p
  • B£21 and 79p
  • C£18 and 83p


Hannah separates the pounds from the pence. Count the money she has.

  • A£26 and 76p
  • B£23 and 73p
  • C£24 and 74p

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