Lesson Worksheet: The Nucleus Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the structure of the nucleus in a eukaryotic cell and recalling the structure and function of chromatin and chromosomes.


How do substances pass between the inside of the nucleus and the surrounding cell cytoplasm?

  • AThrough nuclear pores
  • BVia nuclear transport tissues
  • CThrough the nuclear stomata
  • DThrough gaps in the nucleus wall


What is the role of the nucleolus in a eukaryotic cell?

  • ATo wrap around chromatin when forming chromosomes
  • BTo synthesize ribosomal RNA
  • CTo provide a barrier between the nucleus and the cytoplasm
  • DTo initiate and control cell division
  • ETo act as the site of cellular respiration


Chromosomes are formed from the nucleic acid DNA. What is the primary function of these chromosomes?

  • ATo keep the contents of the nucleus and the cytoplasm separate
  • BTo act as the site of cellular respiration
  • CTo provide essential nutrition for the cell
  • DTo carry genetic information and allow it to be passed from parent to offspring


The nucleus is surrounded by a double membrane known as the nuclear envelope. What is the function of this membrane?

  • ATo prevent any substances from entering or leaving the nucleus
  • BTo act as the site of RNA synthesis
  • CTo allow the attachment of the nucleus to the cell membrane
  • DTo separate the contents of the nucleus from the cytoplasm


Which of the following best describes the nucleoplasm?

  • AThe double membrane that surrounds the nucleus to separate its contents from the cell cytoplasm
  • BThe viscous substance found within the nucleus that maintains the organelle’s cuboidal shape
  • CA gelatinous liquid found within the nucleus that contains chromatin
  • DThe fatty layer that encloses the nucleolus to separate it from the nucleus
  • EAn aqueous solution that is the site of all the chemical reactions that occur within a cell


Where within a eukaryotic cell is chromatin contained?

  • AThe nucleolus
  • BThe rough endoplasmic reticulum
  • CThe nucleoplasm
  • DThe ribosome


The diagram provided is a drawing of a eukaryotic cell. Which structure is indicated by Y?

  • ANucleolus
  • BNucleus
  • CRibosome
  • DNuclear envelope


Which of the following is considered to be the control centre of eukaryotic cells?

  • AThe nucleus
  • BThe ribosomes
  • CThe Golgi apparatus
  • DThe nucleolus


Which of the following statements is true?

A nucleolus is a cytoplasmic organelle.

A nucleolus plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins.

  • AOnly the first statement is true.
  • BBoth statements are true.
  • COnly the second statement is true.
  • DBoth statements are wrong.


Which of the following statements is not true about chromosomes?

  • AChromosomes are visible during metaphase.
  • BChromosomes are made of DNA and proteins.
  • CDuring metaphase, each chromosome is made of two chromatids.
  • DIndividual chromosomes are visible during interphase.

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