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Lesson Worksheet: Drawing Line Plots Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing a line plot for a data set by deciding on an appropriate key and scale.


A line plot has a scale of 2, the first number on the scale is 8, and there are 6 marks on the line plot. What is the last number on the line?

  • A20
  • B13
  • C18
  • D16


If the scale of a line plot is 2 and the first point on this line is 2, what is the next point?

  • A6
  • B8
  • C2
  • D4


If the scale on a line plot is 3 and the first point is 3, what is the third point on the line?

  • A7
  • B6
  • C9
  • D3


The provided data show the number of students who were absent for some days from school.

How many students were absent for 4 days?

  • A6
  • B3
  • C2
  • D8


The following line plot shows the number of goals scored by players in a football season. How many players scored 6 goals in the season?

  • A5
  • B4
  • C3
  • D2

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