Worksheet: Functional Groups in NMR Spectra

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying functional groups in NMR spectra based on the chemical shifts and splitting patterns of signals.


The 1H NMR spectrum of propanoic acid exhibits four peaks. Which group corresponds to the most downfield peak?

  • A C H C H 3 2
  • B C H 3
  • C C H C O O H 2
  • D C O O H
  • E M o r e i n f o r m a t i o n i s n e e d e d .


The 1H NMR spectrum of acetone exhibits a singlet. In which range of chemical shifts would you expect to find this singlet?

  • A 0.5–1.5 ppm
  • B 0.0–0.5 ppm
  • C 2.5–3.5 ppm
  • D 1.5–2.5 ppm
  • E 3.5–5.0 ppm


What structural information does 1 H - N M R spectroscopy NOT provide?

  • AThe relative numbers of different types of hydrogens.
  • BThe number of different types of hydrogens in a molecule.
  • CThe electronic environment of different types of hydrogens.
  • DThe relative abundance of different isotopes of hydrogen.

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