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Worksheet: Functional Groups in NMR Spectra


The 1H NMR spectrum of acetone exhibits a singlet. In which range of chemical shifts would you expect to find this singlet?

  • A 0.5–1.5 ppm
  • B 0.0–0.5 ppm
  • C 2.5–3.5 ppm
  • D 1.5–2.5 ppm
  • E 3.5–5.0 ppm


The 1H NMR spectrum of propanoic acid exhibits four peaks. Which group corresponds to the most downfield peak?

  • A C H C H 3 2
  • B C H 3
  • C C H C O O H 2
  • D C O O H
  • E M o r e i n f o r m a t i o n i s n e e d e d .


What structural information does 1 H - N M R spectroscopy NOT provide?

  • AThe relative numbers of different types of hydrogens.
  • BThe number of different types of hydrogens in a molecule.
  • CThe electronic environment of different types of hydrogens.
  • DThe relative abundance of different isotopes of hydrogen.