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Lesson Worksheet: Transpose of a Matrix Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the transpose of a matrix and identifying symmetric and skew-symmetric matrices.


If 𝑋 is a matrix of order 4×1, then what is the order of the matrix 𝑋?

  • A4×4
  • B4×1
  • C1×1
  • D1×4


Find the transpose of the matrix 544.

  • A[544]
  • B445
  • C[544]
  • D[445]


Which of the following matrices is symmetric?

  • A235343537
  • B351665778
  • C243488932
  • D442482823


Given that 𝐴=757598𝐵=753514,, find the result of 𝐴𝐵, if possible.

  • A141024612
  • BIt is not possible.
  • C142610412
  • D141024612
  • E142610412


Given that 𝐴=266184, find 𝐴.

  • A184266
  • B646821
  • C216864
  • D128646


Find the value of 𝑥 which makes the matrix 𝐴=15𝑥3438 symmetric.


Given the matrix 𝐴=843411, find 𝐴.

  • A843411
  • B844131
  • C843411
  • D844131


Given the matrices 𝑌=4227 and 𝑋=4417, does (𝑌𝑋)=𝑌𝑋?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Consider the matrices 𝐴=2107190, 𝐵=𝐴. Determine 𝑎 and 𝑏.

  • A𝑎=2, 𝑏=2
  • B𝑎=10, 𝑏=10
  • C𝑎=9, 𝑏=1
  • D𝑎=10, 𝑏=2
  • E𝑎=2, 𝑏=10


Given that the matrix 𝐵=02𝑥63𝑧+1403𝑧3𝑦+6𝑥120 is skew-symmetric, find the value of 𝑥+𝑦+𝑧.

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