Worksheet: Line Plots

In this worksheet, we will practice using line plots to analyze data, communicate information, and get insights from data.


How many families have at least 4 children?


The given line plot shows the quiz scores of students in a history class. How many students scored less than 14?


The dot plot shows the different scores achieved in a game. What was the highest score?


The line plot shows the heights of a number of students. Is it true that none of the students is 49 inches tall?

  • Ano
  • Byes


The line plot shows the number of items recycled in a certain day. How many steel cans and newspapers were recycled on that day?


What is the difference between the highest score and the lowest score?


Which of the descriptions is not true for the distribution represented by the diagram?

  • AThe distribution has an outlier at 5.
  • BThe distribution has a gap from 6 to 20.
  • CThe distribution has a peak at 26.
  • DThe distribution is symmetric.
  • EThe distribution has a cluster from 21 to 27.


The line plot shows how many boxes of cookies a group of Girl Scouts sold in a day. How many more girls sold 14 boxes than those who sold 17 boxes?


This line plot shows the quiz scores for a group of students. Is there a gap between 17 and 20?

  • Ano
  • Byes


The line plot shows maths test marks of a group of students. Which of the following is a cluster of data?

  • A16–17
  • B15–19
  • C17–19
  • D16–19
  • E16–18


Identify any outliers in this line plot.


The line plot shows the test scores of students in a math class. Is 17 the most common score?

  • Ano
  • Byes


What is the most common number of siblings?

  • A0
  • B2
  • C3
  • D1
  • E5


Ramy asked his friends how many cupcakes they had at the party. Determine how many people had no more than 5 cupcakes.


The graph shows the weights of all dogs in a shelter. Are there 35 dogs in the shelter?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Determine how many of the activities represented on the line plot burn 4 calories per minute.


The line plot represents the number of hours that a group of people spent exercising in a week. How many people were in the group?


The dot plot shows the different scores achieved in a quiz. What was the lowest score?

  • A90
  • B80
  • C100
  • D70
  • E85


The line plot shows the heights of a number of students. Are all the students 54 inches tall?

  • Ayes
  • Bno


Jack conducted a survey on how old his classmates were the first time they went fishing and recorded the answers in this chart. Which ages had the same number of responses?