Lesson Worksheet: The Atmosphere Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing how the density and pressure of Earth's atmosphere change with height above the ground.


Which of the following substances is the most abundant in Earth’s atmosphere?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BNitrogen
  • COxygen


Fill in the blank: The force exerted on an object by the atmosphere in a region of high atmospheric pressure is the force exerted on the object in a region of low atmospheric pressure.

  • Agreater than
  • Bless than
  • Cequal to


An airplane flies at an altitude of 10 km above sea level. The atmospheric pressure exerted on the plane at this altitude is 0.25 bar.

How many times smaller is this pressure than atmospheric pressure at sea level? Give your answer to the nearest whole number.


Which of the following devices can be used to measure atmospheric pressure?

  • AA galvanometer
  • BA micrometer
  • CA barometer
  • DA thermometer


A mountain climber uses a barometer to measure how the atmospheric pressure changes as they climb a mountain.

At which point does the barometer measure the lowest pressure?

  • AAt the top of the mountain
  • BAt the bottom of the mountain
  • CHalfway up the mountain


Fill in the blank: An altimeter measures the altitude of a point by measuring the at that point.

  • Aatmospheric pressure
  • Bgravitational field strength
  • Catmospheric density


A mountain climber uses an altimeter to measure his altitude as he climbs a mountain. After he climbs for an interval of time, the altimeter indicates that his altitude has increased.

Which of the following statements is true?

  • AThe altimeter has detected an increase in atmospheric pressure due to the change in altitude.
  • BThe altimeter has detected a decrease in atmospheric pressure due to the change in altitude.


Fill in the blank: An atmosphere is a layer of that surrounds a planet.

  • Aoxygen
  • Bgas
  • Cclouds


Fill in the blank: Atmospheric pressure is the pressure at a point in the atmosphere due to the weight of the air that point.

  • Aat
  • Bbelow
  • Cabove


Which of the following quantities can be measured in units of bar?

  • ADensity
  • BAltitude
  • CPressure

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