Worksheet: Fossil Fuels and Biofuels

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing the production, composition, advantages, and disadvantages of fossil fuels and biofuels.


Which of the following is not an accurate description of both biofuels and fossil fuels?

  • A They are extracted from deposits in the ground.
  • B They are burned to release energy.
  • C They can be used to generate electricity or drive automobiles.
  • D They release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when burned.
  • E They require industrial processing before they become a useful fuel.


Which of the following is a major difference between biofuels and fossil fuels?

  • ABiofuels are biological in origin, while fossil fuels are inorganic.
  • BBiofuels are considered carbon neutral, while fossil fuels are not.
  • CBiofuels release more energy than fossil fuels.
  • DBiofuels are generally cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • EBiofuels do not release carbon dioxide when they burn, while fossil fuels do.

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