Lesson Worksheet: Percentages to Decimals Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice converting percents to decimals for a set of rational numbers.


Express 574% as a decimal.


Express 0.7% as a decimal.


Express 83.7% as a decimal.


Express 44% as a decimal.


Convert 4625% into a decimal.


If the sales tax in a town is 2.34%, express the percentage as a decimal.


According to a recent survey, 21% of people prefer apples over oranges. Express 21% as a decimal.


Express the percentage that represents the colored parts of the given figure.

  • A75%
  • B0.75%
  • C6%
  • D18%
  • E37%


When preparing a cereal bowl for breakfast, 63% of people put the cereal in first. Express 63% as a decimal.


A percent is a fraction where the denominator (i.e., the whole) is 100. In the diagram, a 100-centimeter ruler has been used to represent the whole.

What is the length of the shaded part in centimeters? What percent of the ruler is it?

  • A75,75%cm
  • B40,40%cm
  • C30,30%cm
  • D70,75%cm
  • E25,25%cm

If now we use meter as a length unit and the ruler is one meter long, what is the length of the shaded part in meters?

  • A0.4 m
  • B0.3 m
  • C0.25 m
  • D0.75 m
  • E0.7 m

The ratio of the length of the shaded part to that of the whole ruler can be expressed as a fraction, a percent (which is a fraction where the denominator is 100), or as a decimal. In the latter case, the decimal can be interpreted as the length of the shaded part when the whole is 1. Give this ratio as a decimal.


Convert 32.89% into a decimal.


What fraction of a number is equivalent to 50%?

  • Afive-sevenths
  • Bfifth
  • Chalf
  • Dfour-fifths


Determine which of the following numbers is not equivalent to 25.6%.

  • A2535%
  • B2.56
  • C25.6100
  • D0.256
  • E2561,000


If 62% of a certain number is added to it, and then 62% of the total is subtracted from the result, would the result be greater than, less than, or equal to the original number?

  • Agreater than the original number
  • Bless than the original number
  • Cequal to the original number


In a school, 3815% of the students signed up to visit a local zoo. Express this percent as a decimal.

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