Lesson Worksheet: Adding Mixed Numbers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice adding mixed numbers with like denominators.


Determine the perimeter of a rectangle of length 323 centimetres and width 213 centimetres.


Lobna has some cards that show mixed numbers on them.

She picks up two of the cards and adds the numbers on them together.

Lobna’s total is 812.

Which two mixed numbers does she add?

  • A216 and 456
  • B216 and 346
  • C636 and 216
  • D346 and 456
  • E456 and 636


What is the total of 2 and 318?

  • A618
  • B518
  • C5
  • D3110
  • E218


Samar ran 514 km from her house to the gym. Then, she ran 414 km to the supermarket. How far did she run in total?

  • A1114 km
  • B1014 km
  • C934 km
  • D912 km
  • E914 km


Fares has two ribbons, one blue and one green.

The blue ribbon is 235 metres long.

The green ribbon is 145 metres long.

Use the following number line to help you work out the total length of Fares’s ribbons.

  • A435 metres
  • B4 metres
  • C425 metres
  • D325 metres
  • E3710 metres


A bucket contains 2510 litres of water.

Farida pours another 2310 litres into the bucket.

How many litres of water does the bucket contain now? Express your answer as a mixed number in its simplest form.

  • A4810 litres
  • B425 litres
  • C445 litres
  • D4820 litres
  • E4810 litres


Ramy finds the total of 51820 and 41820 by adding the whole number parts and the fraction parts separately.

Ramy calculates the overall total and then writes his answer as a mixed number in its simplest form.

What is Ramy’s answer?

  • A10
  • B1045
  • C912
  • D93640
  • E101620


Find the total of 345 and 235.

  • A635
  • B525
  • C6
  • D5710
  • E625


Calculate 515+415.

  • A1115
  • B935
  • C915
  • D925
  • E1025


Sameh bought 113 kg of apples and 213 kg of mangoes. How many kilograms did he buy in total?

  • A313
  • B323
  • C423
  • D123
  • E413

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