Worksheet: Dividing by 6 and 7

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing numbers up to two digits by 6 and 7.


A child wants to share 42 oranges equally among 7 plates. Find the number of oranges on each plate.


Daniel had 28 stickers to share among his friends.

He found the number of stickers to give to each friend by solving 2 8 ÷ 7 .

How many friends did he give stickers to?

How many stickers did each friend get?


A green vase is 7 inches high. A purple vase is 28 inches high. How many times taller is the purple vase than the green one?


A farmer packs 56 apples into a container to transport them. They are arranged in rows of 7 apples. How many rows are there?


Rania is making bracelets for her friends. She has 63 inches of ribbon and each bracelet needs 7 inches of ribbon. How many bracelets can she make?


A girl bought 6 dolls. She started with 62 LE and the remainder was 38 LE. If the dolls had the same price, how much did one doll cost?


Ethan has 42 stickers. He arranges them in his sticker book in 7 rows. How many columns are there?


What is the number that, when divided by 7, gives 3?


Find the missing dividend:

Hint: 5 × 6 = ?

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