Worksheet: NOR Gates

In this worksheet, we will practice determining the input and output of NOR gates in logic circuits and completing truth tables for NOR gates.


The diagram shows 2 NOR gates connected as part of a logic circuit. Use a truth table to work out what type of logic gate this arrangement is equivalent to.

  • AAn XOR gate
  • BAn OR gate
  • CAn AND gate
  • DA NOT gate
  • EA NOR gate


The diagram shows 3 NOR gates, where the outputs of the first 2 NOR gates are the inputs to the third. If input A is 1, input B is 0, input C is 1, and input D is 1, what is the output?


The diagram shows a NOR gate. If input 𝐴 is 0 and input 𝐵 is 1, what will the output be?


The diagram shows a NOR gate. If input A is 0 and the output is 1, what must input B be?


Which pair of logic gates shown in the diagram produces the same output as a NOR gate?

  • A(a)
  • B(b)
  • CNone
  • D(d)
  • E(c)


The truth table shows the output of a NOR gate for various combinations of inputs.

NOR Gate
Input AInput BOutput

What is the value of 𝑝 in the table?

What is the value of 𝑞 in the table?


The diagram shows the circuit symbols for four logic gates. Which symbol represents a NOR gate?

  • A(c)
  • B(d)
  • CNone
  • D(b)
  • E(a)

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