Lesson Worksheet: Rounding to the Nearest Ten Mathematics • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding whole numbers within 1000 to the nearest ten by identifying the tens numbers it is between on a number line.


To round 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten, use a number line.

Think about the number 437.

Which two multiples of 10 is 437 between?

Hint: We use the digit in the tens place to guide us.

  • A430 and 440
  • B300 and 400
  • C3 and 4
  • D435 and 440

What is 437 rounded to the nearest 10?

Hint: Think about which side of the midpoint 437 will be on.


Olivia read a book of 213 pages. How many pages did she read, rounded to the nearest ten?


Jacob spent $127 and Jennifer spent $125.

Round the amount Jacob spent to the nearest ten.

Round the amount Jennifer spent to the nearest ten.

Compare both rounded amounts. Which rounded amount is higher?

  • AThey are both rounded to the same number.
  • BJennifer’s rounded amount is higher.
  • CJacob’s rounded amount is higher.


When we round to the nearest ten, we underline the tens digit and then we check the ones digit. The ones digit tells us whether to round up or down.

Now, we want to round the number 654. Which digit do we underline?

Which digit do we check?

What is the result of the rounding?


Which of the following numbers can be 230 when rounded to the nearest ten?

  • A228
  • B237
  • C224
  • D220


Jackson saved $735. How much money did he save to the nearest ten?


A sporting-goods store has the items shown for sale.

Estimate the price of the basketball to the nearest ten.

Estimate the price of the bicycle to the nearest ten.

Estimate the price of the gloves to the nearest ten.


Jennifer’s total income is 348. Round her income to the nearest ten.


The following table shows the number of passengers to three cities at an airport terminal.


This place value block represents the number of passengers to a city. Which city is it?

  • ABerlin
  • BParis
  • CLondon

What is the number of passengers to this city to the nearest ten?


The teacher asked Michael and David to round the number 572 to the nearest ten. Michael said, “The answer is 570.” David said, “The answer is 580.” Who is correct?

  • AMichael
  • BDavid


James scored 439 in a game. We want to round James’s score to the nearest ten.

Complete: The number 439 is between and .

  • A420, 430
  • B430, 440
  • C440, 450
  • D410, 420

What is James’s score to the nearest ten?


Olivia drew an arrow pointing to 532 on the following number line. She will use the number line to help round 532 to the nearest 10.

Fill in the blanks: She should round to , since 532 is closer to this number than it is to .

  • Aup, 540, 530
  • Bdown, 530, 540
  • Cup, 530, 540
  • Ddown, 540, 530

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