Lesson Worksheet: Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice adding two proper fractions with different denominators by finding common denominators and writing the answer in simplest form.


Calculate 14+13.

  • A13
  • B134
  • C415
  • D712


Complete the following: 29+=23.

  • A59
  • B23
  • C13
  • D49


Calculate 16+58+12. Give your answer as a mixed number.

  • A1247
  • B12430
  • C1724
  • D13024


David solved 12+13 using the following method: he found that the least common denominator for 12 and 13 is 6, so he deduced that 12+13=36+26=56.

Using the same method, find 13+14.

  • A112
  • B16
  • C712
  • D12
  • E27


A group of students have been challenged to build the tallest possible tower out of rolled up newspapers.

Natalie’s tower is 34 m tall.

Benjamin’s tower is 45 m tall.

Natalie and Benjamin balance their towers on top of each other to make one taller tower.

How tall is their tower in total?

Give your answer as a mixed number.

  • A11120 m
  • B79 m
  • C1720 m
  • D11020 m
  • E11115 m


Mia is designing a flag. She colors 46 of the flag yellow and 29 of the flag blue. She leaves the rest of the flag white. What fraction of the flag does Mia color altogether?

  • A1718
  • B615
  • C1618
  • D69
  • E618

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