Worksheet: Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators

In this worksheet, we will practice adding two proper fractions with different denominators by finding common denominators and writing the answer in simplest form.


Calculate 14+13.

  • A13
  • B134
  • C415
  • D712


Find the result of 115+12+45 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A11130
  • B11231
  • C21130
  • D727
  • E1942


Find the value of 𝑥+𝑧 given 𝑥=23 and 𝑧=12.

  • A16
  • B6
  • C67
  • D76


Complete the following: 29+=23.

  • A59
  • B23
  • C13
  • D49


Calculate 16+58+12. Give your answer as a mixed number.

  • A1247
  • B12430
  • C1724
  • D13024


Use the table to find the fraction of the population that has either type O or type A blood.

Blood TypeOABAB
Fraction of Population11252150110125
  • A3275
  • B1325
  • C2750
  • D4350
  • E1225


Evaluate 718+415+19 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A5990
  • B3745
  • C2330
  • D1745


Evaluate 13+13+217 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A257306
  • B4051
  • C2351
  • D23


Evaluate the expression 25+49+49710.

  • A310
  • B410
  • C310
  • D55


A recipe for banana bread requires 429 cups of flour, while a recipe for soda bread requires 245 cups of flour. How much more flour is needed to bake banana bread than soda bread?

  • A7145 c
  • B1945 c
  • C1023 c
  • D21023 c
  • E11945 c

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