Lesson Worksheet: Uses of Ammonia Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the uses of ammonia, balancing reaction equations, and calculating the quantities of ammonia involved.


Bleach, an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), is often used alongside ammonia as a cleaning agent. However, it is important that bleach and ammonia are never mixed, as the compounds react to form chloramine (NHCl)2.

Give a balanced chemical equation for this reaction.

  • ANH+2NaClONHCl+2NaCl+O322
  • B2NH+2NaClO2NHCl+NaO+HO3222
  • CNH+NaClONHCl+NaO32
  • DNH+NaClONHCl+NaOH32
  • ENH+3NaClONHCl+3NaOH+Cl322

What is the main hazard associated with the reaction of bleach and ammonia?

  • AChloramine is a toxic gas.
  • BA highly corrosive solution is produced.
  • CThe reaction is highly exothermic.
  • DChloramine is an explosive gas.
  • EChloramine is a corrosive gas.


What is the main hazard associated with aqueous ammonia solutions?

  • AOxidizing
  • BToxic
  • CIrritant
  • DFlammable
  • ECorrosive


Ammonia and carbon dioxide are both gaseous at room temperature and pressure. The pure materials are widely used and share a large number of industrial applications. The compounds can form aqueous solutions and react together in water to produce a solid material.

In which of the following ways are molecules of ammonia and carbon dioxide similar?

  • ABoth molecules are polar.
  • BBoth molecules are heavier than the average molecule in air.
  • CThe molecules have the same shape.
  • DThe molecules contain the same number of bonding electrons.
  • EBoth molecules react with water.

Which of the following is not an application for which pure ammonia and pure carbon dioxide are both directly useful?

  • AFuel
  • BBiomaterial production
  • CSolvent
  • DRefrigeration
  • EFertilizer manufacture

What is the name of the solid material formed when excess ammonia and carbon dioxide react in water?

  • AAmmonium hydrogen carbonate
  • BAmmonium carbonate
  • CAmmonium carboxylate
  • DAmmonium carbamate
  • EAmmonium carbide

Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction of excess ammonia with carbon dioxide in water.

  • ANH+CONHCO3232
  • B2NH+2CO+2HO2NHCO+H322432
  • CNH+CO+HO(NH)HCO32243
  • D2NH+CO(NH)CO+HO32222
  • ENH+CO+HO(NH)CO322423


Why is the electrical conductivity of a dilute aqueous ammonia solution higher than that of pure water?

  • AAmmonia reacts with water to produce hydroxide and ammonium ions.
  • BAmmonia molecules are smaller than water molecules, so they diffuse more rapidly.
  • CAmmonia reacts with water to produce amide and hydronium ions.
  • DAmmonia is more polar than water, so it responds more strongly to an electric field.
  • EAmmonia molecules interact more weakly than water molecules, so they diffuse more rapidly.


Ammonia reacts with nitric acid to produce a solid compound X, which is used as a fertilizer.

What is the name of compound X?

  • ANitrosamine
  • BAmmonium nitrate
  • CAmmonium nitrite
  • DNitrylamine
  • EAmyl nitrate

Give a balanced chemical equation for this reaction.

  • CNH+HNO(NH)NO322422
  • D2NH+HNO(NH)NO323423

What color is the solid X?

  • ABrown
  • BRed
  • CBlack
  • DYellow
  • EWhite

When heated, compound X decomposes into nitrous oxide (NO2) and one other product. Give a balanced chemical equation for this reaction.

  • ANHNONO+2H422
  • BNHNONO+2HO4322
  • CNHNONO+2HO4222
  • D2(NH)NO3NO+8H42322
  • E2(NH)NO3NO+HO42222


Ammonia can react with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide (NO)2, nitric oxide (NO), and nitrous oxide (NO)2. Nitrogen dioxide is useful for the manufacture of nitric acid.

In the presence of a platinum-rhodium catalyst, ammonia reacts with oxygen to produce nitric oxide and water. Give a balanced chemical equation for this reaction.

  • A5NH+6O5NO+7HO322
  • B4NH+5O4NO+6HO322
  • C3NH+2O3NO+3HO322
  • D6NH+7O6NO+9HO322
  • E2NH+3O2NO+3HO322

In the presence of a catalyst containing manganese dioxide, ammonia reacts with oxygen to produce nitrous oxide and water. Give a balanced chemical equation for this reaction.

  • A3NH+4O3NO+5HO3222
  • B2NH+ONO+HO3222
  • C3NH+3O2NO+4HO3222
  • D2NH+2ONO+3HO3222
  • E4NH+3O2NO+4HO3222

Nitric oxide and nitrous oxide can react with further oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide. Calculate the mass of oxygen required to produce 60.0 g of nitrogen dioxide from ammonia. Give your answer to 1 decimal place.


Ammonia is useful for the production of nylon 6,6, a polymer with the empirical formula CHNO611. If all the nitrogen atoms in nylon 6,6 are derived from ammonia, calculate the mass of ammonia needed to produce 139 g of the polymer.


Which property of ammonia is the most important for industrial purposes?

  • AEnergy content
  • BNitrogen content
  • CToxicity
  • DBasicity
  • ELow boiling point


Inexpensive large-scale manufacture of ammonia began in the early 20th century. By the year 2000, the global annual production of ammonia was approximately 110 million metric tons.

Which industry produces the greatest demand for synthetically manufactured ammonia?

  • AEnergy
  • BPharmaceutical
  • CMilitary
  • DAgriculture
  • ECleaning

The majority of synthetically manufactured ammonia is used in the production of a single type of product. To the nearest 10%, what percentage of the global annual production of ammonia was consumed for this purpose in the year 2000?


Excess nitrogen is excreted by fish in the form of ammonia. By contrast, humans and most other mammals excrete nitrogen mainly as urea, CHNO42.

What property of ammonia makes it suitable for excretion by fish?

  • ALow boiling point
  • BHigh basicity
  • CHigh solubility
  • DSmall molecular size
  • ELow toxicity

What property of ammonia necessitates its conversion to urea before it is excreted by humans?

  • AHigh toxicity
  • BLow solubility
  • CSmall molecular size
  • DHigh acidity
  • ELow boiling point

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