Lesson Worksheet: Model Comparisons Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing decimals written in different forms using models.


If 0.72 of a bracelet is copper, express this number in word form.

  • ASeventy-two hundredths
  • BTwo hundredths
  • CSeventy hundredths
  • DSeven hundredths
  • ESeventy-two tens


Pick one way we can write 0.17 in words.

  • A1 tenth and 7 hundredths
  • B1 tenth and 7 tenths
  • C1 tenth and 7 hundreds
  • D7 tenths and 1 hundredth
  • E1 ten and 7 hundreds


Fill in the blank: 1++0.09=1.59.


Ghena wants to convert the fraction 12 into different forms.

Help her by finding the missing number in the following: 12=10.

Help Ghena convert 12 into decimal form.


Which of the following fractions is equivalent to 0.8?

  • A8100
  • B45
  • C4005
  • D8010
  • E25


Convert 0.42 to a fraction.

  • A4225
  • B2150
  • C2125
  • D215
  • E425


Which of the following is equivalent to 1.16?

  • A1425
  • B1825
  • C18100
  • D15500
  • E1450


What is the usual way of saying the number 0.1?

  • AZero
  • BOne
  • COne tens
  • DOne tenths
  • EOne hundredths


Write fifty-four hundredths as a decimal.


Write the number 2+0.3+0.04 in decimal form.

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