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Worksheet: Place Value of Two-Digit Numbers


How many tens and ones are in the number 32?

  • A30 tens and 2 ones
  • B2 tens and 3 ones
  • C3 tens and 2 ones


Choose the digit cards you would need to build the number eighty.

  • A
  • B
  • C


A teacher described a number on the board. Which group got the number correct?

  • A Group 1
  • B Group 2


Noah made a number on the abacus.

How many tens are there?

How many ones are there?

What is the number?


Liam made a number from tens and ones.

Write the number.

  • A 97
  • B 59
  • C 79


How many tens are in seventy ones?

  • A70 tens
  • B71 tens
  • C7 tens


Amelia loves to collect stamps.

She counted them and found that she had 43 stamps.

How many bundles of ten stamps can she make?

How many ones will be leftover?