Lesson Worksheet: Rounding Numbers with Two Decimal Places Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding decimals with up to two decimal places to the nearest tenth or whole number.


Round 0.79 to the nearest tenth.


Round 4.93 to the nearest tenth.


Which of the following is the nearest to 6.19 on the number line?

  • A6.1
  • B6.2
  • C6
  • D6.4


Which of the following decimals does not belong with the others when rounded to the nearest tenth?

  • A4.49
  • B4.51
  • C4.53
  • D4.57


The 100-metre dash times for the Jackson Middle School boys’ track team are shown in the table.

Time (s)11.9211.9611.8411.87

To the nearest tenth, what is the time for each runner?

  • A11.9 s, 12 s, 11.8 s, 11.9 s
  • B11.9 s, 11.9 s, 11.8 s, 11.8 s
  • C12 s, 12 s, 12 s, 12 s
  • D11.2 s, 11.6 s, 11.4 s, 11.7 s
  • E11.9 s, 12 s, 11.9 s, 11.9 s


Round 87.91 to the nearest tenth.


The average annual precipitations for certain cities are given in the table.

CityOmaha, NEPittsburgh, PAKansas City, MO
Precipitation (in)30.2237.8537.98

What is the annual precipitation for Omaha to the nearest tenth?


Round 4.49 to the nearest tenth.


Round 9.44 to the nearest tenth.


Round 94.17 to the nearest tenth.


Round 12.32 to the nearest ten.


Use this number line to round 1.25 to the nearest whole number.


The average height of an Arabian camel is 1.95 m. Round this to the nearest meter.


David paid $7.10 for his lunch yesterday. Round this amount to the nearest dollar.


Jennifer is estimating the cost of the office items in her cart. She rounds the cost of each item to the nearest dollar to make her calculations. If an item costs $1.2, to what amount will Jennifer round the item?

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