Worksheet: Adding Zero

In this worksheet, we will practice adding zero to numbers up to 10 using models and equations.


What is 4 plus 0?

Hint: Count to find the answer.


If I have 4 marbles and you give me 0 marbles, then I still have 4 marbles. So,

If I have 0 marbles and you give me 4 marbles, how many marbles do I have? Write an addition sentence to show the answer.

  • A0+4=0
  • B4+0=0
  • C0+4=4


Is 8 the answer to 8+0 and 0+8?

  • AYes
  • BNo


The first picture shows that 5+0=5.

Use the second picture to find 0+5.


Investigate adding zero.

What is 7+0?

What is 0+7?


Find out what happens when we add with zero.

Add these numbers.


Last week, Matthew saved 8 dollars from his pocket money, but this week, he could not save any additional money. How many dollars did Matthew save in total?

  • A9 dollars
  • B7 dollars
  • C8 dollars


What is the result of 1+0?


Look what happens when we add zero.

The figure tells us that 5+0=5.

What is 0+3?

What is 6+0?


What is the result of 0+6?

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