Lesson Worksheet: Dividing Decimals: Whole Number Quotients Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using models to divide decimals by decimals when the result is a whole number.


Calculate the following: 1.28÷4.




A wood plank of length 2.75 feet was cut into 0.25-foot pieces. Determine how many pieces of wood there are.


David has 13.75 cups of sugar. If David uses 1.25 cups of sugar to bake one cookie, how many cookies can David bake?


Calculate 3.48÷0.4.


Calculate 0.68÷0.17.


A dressmaker bought 12.45 yards of fabric to make dresses. Given that he needs 1.75 yards of fabric to make one dress, determine the number of dresses he can make with the fabric he bought.


On her way back from her trip, Dalia bought some postcards for her friends. Her total bill was $5.60. If postcards are $0.40 each, how many of them did she buy?


The numbers in the first row of the table below are multiplied by the multiplier to get the numbers in the bottom row. Complete the missing numbers from left to right.

  • A3, 1.05
  • B0.3, 10.5
  • C3, 10.5
  • D0.3, 1.05


Find 0.11÷0.01.

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