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Lesson Worksheet: Titration Experiments Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing acid–base titration methods and their use in determining acid and base concentrations.


Why should a buret not be clamped too tightly?

  • ATo allow the glass to expand when heated
  • BTo prevent the clamp from breaking
  • CTo ensure the solution does not get blocked
  • DSo it can be easily removed and refilled
  • ETo prevent the glass from cracking or breaking


Phenolphthalein is an indicator often used in titrations. In basic solutions, it has a pink color. What does it change into in acidic solutions?

  • AColorless
  • BClear
  • CRed
  • DYellow
  • EBlue


When undertaking a titration, the solution in the buret is usually a standard solution of acid or base. What does the term standard solution refer to?

  • AAn acid or base of known concentration
  • BA solution of a strong acid or base
  • CA neutral solution of fixed volume
  • DA solution in which no more solid will dissolve
  • EA solution at room temperature and 1 atm of pressure


Why is a volumetric pipet used to measure out the known volume (aliquot) of a solution?

  • ATo allow a very accurate, fixed volume of a solution to be measured
  • BBecause it is easier to fill a conical flask from a volumetric pipette than from a measuring cylinder
  • CTo prevent the acid or base from reacting with the equipment
  • DTo allow a rough volume of a solution to be measured
  • EBecause they are quicker to use than a measuring cylinder


When adding a solution from a buret into an Erlenmeyer flask, why is it important that the flask is swirled?

  • ATo increase the rate of reaction
  • BTo keep the temperature constant
  • CTo prevent the formation of a precipitate
  • DTo remove any gas that is formed
  • ETo ensure the solutions are mixed


The table below shows the color range for several different indicators.

Which indicator is blue at a pH of 5?

  • ACresolphthalein
  • BAlizarine Yellow
  • CBromothymol blue
  • DBromophenol blue

Which indicator would be best to show that the pH of a solution has changed from 8 to 11?

  • ABromophenol blue
  • BBromothymol blue
  • CCresolphthalein
  • DAlizarine Yellow


Why should a buret always be filled at eye level and never above?

  • ATo reduce the risk of splashing acid or base onto the eyes or face
  • BTo know when the beaker or measuring cylinder is empty
  • CTo make sure the solution is poured into the buret and not on the floor
  • DTo watch the solution move down the buret
  • ETo allow the buret to be filled while sitting down


A titration is set up as shown in the diagram. Why is the conical flask placed on a white tile?

  • ATo observe any changes to the turbidity of the solution
  • BTo prevent any spilled solution from damaging the lab bench
  • CTo provide an inert surface
  • DTo make it easier to observe any color changes
  • ETo provide a stable base for the conical flask


A student wants to use titration to determine how much acid is needed to neutralize a known volume of base. They set up the experiment as shown. At the start of the experiment, which solution should go into the Erlenmeyer flask and which should be used to fill the buret?

  • ABoth the acid and the base should go into the Erlenmeyer flask.
  • BThe acid should go into the Erlenmeyer flask and the base into the buret.
  • CBoth the acid and the base should go into the buret.
  • DWater should go into the Erlenmeyer flask and acid into the buret.
  • EThe base should go into the Erlenmeyer flask and the acid into the buret.


A universal indicator is not normally used as an indicator when performing a titration. Which of the following statements explains why this is the case?

  • AIt decomposes too quickly.
  • BIt only changes color in acidic solutions.
  • CIt changes color over a very narrow pH range.
  • DIt changes color over a very wide pH range.
  • EIt does not change color once in solution.

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