Worksheet: Multiplying by 2

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling multiplication by 2 and recite the 2 times table up to 20.


A pizza place divides each pizza it sells into 8 slices. How many slices are there in two pizzas?


Which whole number lies between the two expressions?


Fill in the blank: 2×3=.


Try the following method to calculate multiplications by 2. 2×4=4+4=8

Complete the following: 2×5=5+5=.

Use the same method to complete the following: 2×6=.


In multiplying by 2, each row is 2 more than the previous one.

Complete the following.

Complete the following.


We can skip count in twos on a number chart to multiply by 2.

Skip counting by twos

Use skip counting to find 2×2.

Use skip counting to find 2×9.


Liam has a number of fishbowls; each one has 2 fish.

Use the model equation to find how many fish there are in the 6 fishbowls.

Write an equation to find the number of fish in the 9 fishbowls.

  • A9×2=20
  • B6×2=14
  • C9×2=18
  • D9×2=16


If one person has 2 eyes, how many eyes do 2 people have?


Hannah has 3 rulers and double that number of pencils. How many pencils does she have?


What are the two missing numbers in this table?

  • A6, 12
  • B5, 12
  • C5, 11
  • D6, 16

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