Worksheet: Human Impact on Earth's Systems: Farming and Fishing

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the impact that certain human activities, such as farming and fishing, can have in damaging Earth’s systems.


Deforestation happens when large areas of trees are cleared. This can be caused by natural or man-made events.

Which of the following is a natural event that causes deforestation?

  • ALogging
  • BMining
  • CCattle ranching
  • DHurricanes


Did you know that around 24 billion metric tons of fertile soil is lost each year due to farming?

Farming erosion - 72 ppi

When farming activities are carried out, fertile topsoil is exposed and is often blown away by wind or washed away by rain.

Which word is used to describe this wearing away of the soil by wind and water?

  • ADeforestation
  • BErosion
  • CEarthquake
  • DPollution


Forests store enormous quantities of carbon dioxide. When forests are destroyed to clear land for farming, a large amount of carbon dioxide is left untreated in the atmosphere.

Area of illegal deforestation-72 ppi

What effect does deforestation have on climate change?

  • ADeforestation decreases the rate of global warming.
  • BDeforestation has no impact on global warming.
  • CDeforestation increases the rate of global warming.


Orangutans (orang-utans) are our closest living relatives; their name means “man of the forest.”

Orangutans kissing - 72 ppi

Deforestation has caused orangutans to become an endangered species. What does this mean?

  • AOrangutans are dangerous animals.
  • BThere are not many orangutans left in the wild.


Many species of fish, such as cod, are under threat of extinction due to overfishing.

What would happen to ringed seals if there were no cod left in the oceans?

  • AThe ringed seal would have to find new types of fish to eat.
  • BThe seal would eat the shrimp instead.


Scientists predict that by 2050, all seafood will run out.

Seafood on ice fish market - 72 ppi

What is the biggest threat to our seafood?

  • AGlobal warming
  • BPollution
  • COverfishing

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