Worksheet: Bar Graphs with up to 4 Categories

In this worksheet, we will practice reading a bar graph with four categories and using the information in the graph to solve simple addition and subtraction questions and comparing problems.


The Gotham Knights, the Metropolis Meteors, and Spartans won baseball games last summer. This bar graph shows how many games each team won.

How many games did the Gotham Knights win?


Farida, Shady, and Mariam collect coins. The given bar graph shows how many coins each of them has.

How many more coins does Shady have than Farida?


Mariam, Karim, and Adam read some books during the summer break. The given bar graph shows the number of books each of them read.

How many books did Adam read?


Some students ate bananas, strawberries, or kiwis at a picnic. The given bar graph shows how many students ate each type of fruit.

How many more students ate strawberries than bananas?


Children from Mrs. Dina’s class, Mr. Sherif’s class, and Mr. Maged’s class bought sandwiches from the cafeteria. The given bar graph shows the number of sandwiches bought by each class.

How many fewer sandwiches did Mr. Sherif’s class buy than Mrs. Dina’s class?


The graph shows the number of students who participated in various activities at a school. Find the difference between the numbers of students who participated in football and art.


The bar graph shows the amount of money remaining in the budget of five competitors at the end of a competition.

Two of them have a combination that is equal to zero; find them.

  • ASameh and Dina
  • BNada and Engy
  • CNada and Dina
  • DAdam and Dina
  • EAdam and Engy


Some students recorded their exam grades in the shown bar graph. What is the mean grade?

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