Lesson Worksheet: Bar Graphs Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice displaying and analyzing bar graphs to answer questions.


Madison collected the data in the graph from five local diners. Is it true that diner C’s milkshake contains 5 grams of fat?

  • AYes
  • BNo


The graph shows the number of students who study various subjects. How many students study English?


A store sells three types of chocolate bars. The graph shows how many chocolate bars are on the shelf.

How many chocolate bars are on the shelf?


The given bar graph shows the results of a survey on people's favorite sport. Which sport was the most favored among football, ice hockey, and swimming?

  • Aswimming
  • Bfootball
  • Cice hockey


A talent show has singers, dancers and magicians. The given bar graph shows how many of each kind of performer there are in the show.

How many performers are there in total?


The graph shows how many days Madison was absent in each grade.

How many days has she been absent since the start of second grade?


The graph shows how far Jacob, Daniel, Liam, and Mason managed to stretch an elastic band without breaking it. The names are missing from the graph, but Mason stretched his elastic band the farthest. Jacob beat Daniel, and neither of them were last. Given that Jacob stretched his elastic band 12 inches, how far did Liam stretch his?


The graph shows the distribution of a class’s science test scores.

How many students took the test?


The graph shows the number of students in a class participating in different school activities. What is the total number of the students in the class?


Elizabeth was on the soccer team for 4 years during elementary school. The graph shows the number of goals she scored with the team. Which grade was Elizabeth in when she scored 13 goals?

  • A5th grade
  • B3rd grade
  • C2nd grade
  • D4th grade


The weather during December in a certain tropical village was either sunny, cloudy, or rainy. The given bar graph shows the number of days of each kind of weather.

How many rainy days were there in December?


The graph shows how many classes are taught by each teacher. How many teachers are there?


The graph shows the number of students who participated in various activities at a school. Find the total number of students.


The graph shows how many courses Noah took in each year of college. How many courses has he taken since the beginning of the third year?


The bar graph shows the amount of money remaining in the budget of five competitors at the end of a competition.

Two of them have a combination that is equal to zero; find them.

  • AEmma and Mia
  • BMichael and Mia
  • CMichael and Elizabeth
  • DMatthew and Mia
  • EEmma and Elizabeth


Some students recorded their exam grades in the shown bar graph. What is the mean grade?


The graph shows the number of artifacts found by each member of an expedition during an excavation at a historical site. What was the most frequent number of artifacts found by a single member?


The bar graph shows the total number of miles that five people hiked last summer. Who hiked more than twice as far as Liam?

  • ADavid
  • BWilliam
  • CLiam
  • DJacob
  • ENoah


The graph shows the approximated population of a village in Egypt. Giving your answer in thousands, by how much has the population increased from 1950 to 2000?

  • A40 thousand
  • B20 thousand
  • C80 thousand
  • D10 thousand
  • E5 thousand


Using the graph, find the percent of students who use the computer to read news. Give the answer as a fraction in its simplest form and then as a decimal.

  • A3250,1.2
  • B325,0.12
  • C65,0.012
  • D325,1.2
  • E3250,0.12


The graph shows the birth rates per 1,000 people in five cities around the world. Does City 1 have 10 more births per 1,000 people than City 4?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Using the information in the graph, complete the given table by filling in the population in thousands for each year.

Population in Thousands
  • A5, 20, 20, 60, 55, 90
  • B5, 25, 20, 55, 60, 90
  • C5, 20, 55, 25, 60, 90
  • D5, 20, 25, 55, 60, 90


Determine the percent of decrease in truck sales from 2003 to 2005. Round the answer to the nearest whole percent.


A grocery store collected data about juice sales over the last six months. True or False: More than half of the pints of juice were sold in February and June.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


The graph shows the sales of 3 bottles of juice as a percent of the total juice sales at a juice bar. For every 100 bottles of juice sold, predict how many more bottles of kiwi juice will be sold than bottles of orange juice.

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