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Lesson Worksheet: Nutrients: The Effects of Sugar Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the effect sugar has on mood, health, and different parts of the body.


Which nutrient is a source of energy?

  • AMinerals
  • BVitamins
  • CFiber
  • DSugar


Fill in the blank: Eating too much sugar can cause stress on the , which can cause damage over time.

  • Askin
  • Bheart
  • Cteeth
  • Dlungs


These organs can all be affected by too much sugar in the diet.

Which of them can become confused and want more sugar than it needs?

  • AThe teeth
  • BThe brain
  • CThe heart
  • DThe arteries


Fill in the blank: When we eat too much sugar, the body the extra energy, making our weight go up.

  • Agets rid of
  • Bignores
  • Cuses
  • Dstores


It is Matthew’s birthday, and he eats a big slice of cake and some candy.

He starts to feel jumpy and anxious. What could have caused this mood change?

  • AThe right amount of sugar
  • BToo little sugar
  • CToo much sugar


Jacob loves sugary foods and starts eating much more than his body needs.

Predict what will happen to his weight.

  • AIt will go up.
  • BIt will stay the same.
  • CIt will go down.


Three children write three statements about sugar.

Whose statement is wrong?

  • AMatthew’s
  • BElizabeth’s
  • CIsabella’s
  • DNone of the answers are correct.


Which body part has walls that can grow thicker if you eat too much sugar?

  • ABones
  • BLungs
  • CArteries
  • DBrain


What problems can too much sugar in a diet cause for teeth?

Dental caries. Filling with dental composite photopolymer material using Rubber Dam.
  • AStrong teeth
  • BThe thickening of the walls of teeth
  • CWhite teeth
  • DCavities


Isabella is reading about the effects of sugar on the body.

Which of the following can be affected by eating too much sugar?

  • AThe heart
  • BThe teeth
  • CThe brain
  • DAll of the answers are correct.

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