Worksheet: Two-Step Problems with Bar Models: Numbers up to 100

In this worksheet, we will practice solving two-step addition and subtraction problems with numbers up to 100 by drawing part–whole and comparative bar models.


Anthony and Liam were seeing who could run farther in 10 seconds. Anthony only ran 18 meters because he tripped over. Liam ran 62 meters farther than Anthony.

How many meters did Liam run?

How many meters did the boys run in total?


James’s sticker book contained 62 stickers. He bought a new pack of 12 stickers and found that he already had 5 of those stickers in his book. He stuck the stickers he did not already have into his book.

Pick one way to calculate the number of stickers in his book now.

  • AHe had 125=7 new stickers. So, there are 62+7=68 stickers in his book.
  • BHe had 125=7 new stickers. So, there are 627=55 stickers in his book.
  • CHe had 12+5=17 new stickers. So, there are 6217=45 stickers in his book.
  • DHe had 12+5=17 new stickers. So, there are 62+17=79 stickers in his book.
  • EHe had 125=7 new stickers. So, there are 62+7=69 stickers in his book.


There were 68 biscuits in a box. A boy ate 43 biscuits, and his sister ate 12. How many biscuits did they eat, and how many are left?

  • AThey ate 25 biscuits, and 43 are left.
  • BThey ate 55 biscuits, and 13 are left.
  • CThey ate 13 biscuits, and 55 are left.
  • DThey ate 56 biscuits, and 12 are left.


Scarlett, Charlotte, and David were collecting leaves for an art project.

Scarlett collected 48 leaves. Charlotte collected 13 more leaves than Scarlett. David collected 12 more leaves than Charlotte.

How many leaves did David collect?


At the start of a party, there were 56 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes on a plate. At the end of the party, there were 12 chocolate cupcakes and 14 vanilla cupcakes left. How many cupcakes were eaten during the party?


There were 83 raisins in a box. A boy ate 20 raisins and his friend ate 31. How many raisins are left?


Michael brought 52 blocks and Hannah brought 18 blocks to build a castle. They used 62 blocks to build the castle.

How many blocks did they start with?

How many blocks did they have left after building the castle?


Daniel had 6,950 LE in the bank. Then he withdrew 1,166 LE and after that he deposited 1,304 LE. How much money is in his account now?


There were 28 biscuits in a box. A boy ate 11 biscuits, and his sister ate 13. How many biscuits did they eat, and how many are left?

  • AThey ate 17 biscuits, and 11 are left.
  • BThey ate 24 biscuits, and 4 are left.
  • CThey ate 4 biscuits, and 24 are left.
  • DThey ate 15 biscuits, and 13 are left.


In a quiz, Michael could correctly answer 23 of the 82 questions. Madison knew the answers to half of the other questions.

Which model shows this situation?

  • A
  • B
  • C

Write an expression for the number of questions that Madison answered.

  • A2×8223
  • B12×8223
  • C12(8223)
  • D2×(8223)
  • E822×23


Three friends were seeing who could build the tallest tower out of blocks.

David’s tower was 37 inches high. Isabella’s tower was 6 inches shorter than David’s. Ethan built a tower that measured 3 inches less than Isabella’s.

How many inches tall was Ethan’s tower?


In the second grade at a school, 41 students have hot lunches. The number of students who have packed lunches is 8 more than the number who have hot lunches.

How many students have packed lunches?

How many students are there in the second grade?


Liam, Noah, and Jennifer were playing a game.

Liam scored 52 points. Noah scored 21 more points than Liam. Jennifer scored 9 points fewer than Noah. How many points did Jennifer score?


In a garden, there are 53 roses. There are 19 fewer daffodils than roses.

How many daffodils are there?

How many flowers are in the garden?


Isabella and Madison were taking photos for an art project. Isabella took 11 fewer photos than Madison. Madison took 50 photos.

How many photos did Isabella take?

How many photos did the girls take altogether?


William usually runs 20 miles over 2 or 3 days. If he ran 5 miles on the first day, determine the number of miles he will run during the second and third days.

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