Lesson Worksheet: Variation Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining variation and distinguishing between variation caused by genes and variation caused by the environment.


Humans show a wide range of variation in the characteristics height and weight. Which of the following is true about height and weight?

  • AHeight and weight are determined by both genes and the environment.
  • BHeight and weight are determined by the environment only.
  • CHeight and weight are determined by genes only.


Many characteristics are affected by both the environment and genetics. Which of the following examples is a characteristic controlled by genetics only?

  • ABlood type
  • BWeight
  • CHeight


What term is given to the variation that is caused by a person’s surroundings or lifestyle?

  • AEnforced
  • BInherited
  • CGenetic
  • DGenerated
  • EEnvironmental


What scientific term is used to describe the features of an organism?

  • AReflection
  • BGenotype
  • CEvolution
  • DIntelligence
  • ECharacteristics


State whether the following statements about variation are true or false.

Differences in characteristics exist between organisms.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

All individuals of the same species will have exactly the same characteristics.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


What term is given to the variation that is passed from parent to offspring?

  • AMutated
  • BGenerated
  • CSpecific
  • DInherited
  • EEnvironmental


A student says, “There is more variation between individuals from different species than between individuals of the same species.” Is the student’s statement correct or incorrect?

  • ACorrect
  • BIncorrect


Which of the following is an example of inherited variation in humans?

  • AHaving blue eyes
  • BPlaying many sports
  • CHaving dyed hair
  • DSpeaking more than one language
  • ELiking spicy foods


Variation between organisms is determined partly by genes. Which of the following best defines a gene?

  • AA strand of DNA that is wound and coiled into a condensed structure
  • BA pair of chromosomes that have identical sequences of DNA
  • CA part of the physical appearance of a person (e.g., having blue eyes)
  • DA section of DNA that contains the information needed to produce a characteristic (e.g., hair color)


The picture shows two ring-tailed lemurs. These individuals are members of the same species. What is meant by species?

Two ring-tailed lemurs
  • AA group of organisms that have similar characteristics and can mate to produce fertile offspring
  • BA group of organisms with the same features but are not able to mate
  • CA group of organisms that are genetically identical and can mate to produce infertile offspring
  • DA group of organisms that are genetically very different but live in the same area and eat the same food

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